#34 Alexander Macris

Hello. I am Jason Hobbs, creator, and host of the RPG Tabletop podcast Hobbs & Friends. I’m creating this recording as a journal entry and observation on Episode #34 of Hobbs & Friends. This particular episode has been a thorn in my side since it was released. I had no idea the guest of the show was such a polarizing individual at the time of the interview and the episode was subsequently censored by the podcasting network I was a part of. It was arguably the reason I didn’t win an ENNie, but who really knows. And, more recently in the past few months, it has been an endless and heated discussion.

After doing some digging, I found out about the associations that made them so segregated in the Tabletop Community. There were various accusations concerning multiple aspects of their life, but none of them directly gaming related. Furthermore, evidence was claimed that refuted many of the allegations. I felt guilty for being a part of the Cancel Culture.

I decided in August of 2019 to re-release the episode to answer the endless questions I was receiving and kept getting about the episode, such as; “What did you or your guest say that was so bad you took it down?” “Can I please listen to the episode to understand what the problem is?” to name a few. I wasn’t 100% sure the guest was guilty of the accusations and I wanted the topic to go away.

Now, months later, it hasn’t gone away. It’s gotten worse. So, I’ve reconsidered. I don’t believe I can stand beyond an ugly association. I am not, and have never been, associated with MILO INC. I don’t believe any of the religion, philosophy, nor hate speech-as-comedy that comes from that person, nor his camp. I can’t ignore, or should I say continue to ignore my guest’s part in Gamergate. Therefore, until something separates the guest of Episode #34 and those associations, I cannot, in good conscience keep the show available.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at hobbs@hobbsnfriends.com

4 thoughts on “#34 Alexander Macris”

  1. Thank you for posting this again. I hate the idea of putting content down the “Memory Hole” on principle alone, and I’m glad you reconsidered.

  2. I respect your feelings re: artistic integrity, and I recognize how frustrating it must have been to have decisions about your work made by a third party.

    That said, I wish you hadn’t reposted this. There are a number of things I could say – I’m sure you’ve heard most of them. But ultimately I think it comes down to this: Macris’s work in supporting Gamrgate and Milo Y served to push folks out of the public sphere. It served to marginalize folks already marginalized. And I think it’s work that’s antithetical to your values. Mr. Hobbs’s Gameborhood has always been (at least to me) about hearing from a bunch of folks, about cheering on new takes and different perspectives. But Macris’s work with Milo was designed to do the opposite.

    1. So you think it’s good to publish “new takes and different perspectives” until and unless those perspectives clash with your own. Gotcha.

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